Turfgrass BeCrop Trials with Biome Makers

Case Study Turfgrass BeCrop Trials with Biome Makers The Problem The increasing concern about preserving soil health and the diversity of microorganisms within the realm of turfgrass management presents a significant challenge. This research delves into the potential of the Replenish Nutrients Rebuilder (0-17-0-12) formula to bolster soil biology at Indian Springs Golf Course (MT, […]

Canola On-Farm Strip Trial

Case Study canola PHOSPHORUS FIELD STUDY The Problem This agronomic research trial was completed at Replenish Nutrients research plot outside Strathmore, Alberta. The project aimed to validate the phosphorus availability in our Rebuilder (0-17-0-12) formula compared to Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) along with a no phosphorus check. All treatments received a traditional fertilizer program, with the […]

Barley BeCrop Trials with Biome Makers

Case Study Barley BeCrop Trials with Biome Makers The Problem As a science-forward regenerative agriculture company, we wanted to analyze the effects of our Rebuilder (0-17-0-12) product, demonstrate product performance, refine product application rate recommendations, and measure the results on the soil microbiome of barley fields. The Solution In partnership with Biome Makers, independent field […]

Russet Burbank Potatoes

Case Study Russet Burbank Potatoes The Problem Growing potatoes is notoriously hard on the physical and biological health of soils due to multiple land disturbances. Replenish Nutrients wanted to analyze the effects of Rebuilder and HESO Potato Blend on yield, grade, and quality of Russet Burbank Potatoes. Comprehensive soil analysis was also completed to quantify […]

Sewell Grain Farms

Case Study Sewell Grain Farms The Problem Sewell Grain Farms keeps a close eye on all costs associated with production. They came to Replenish looking to squeeze out hidden costs in their farm system by using a product that could provide higher planting efficiency and improve soil health. The Solution Replenish provided fertilizer products and […]

Kettle Ridge Organics

Case Study KETTLE RIDGE ORGANICS​ The Problem Kettle Ridge Organics wanted a sustainable product to fulfill their macro and micronutrient requirements within an organic agriculture system. The family-owned and operated farm needed a dependable/reliable source of fertilizer that is approved for use on organic farms. The Solution Leveraged the expertise of sales staff to design […]