Case Study

Russet Burbank Potatoes

The Problem

Growing potatoes is notoriously hard on the physical and biological health of soils due to multiple land disturbances. Replenish Nutrients wanted to analyze the effects of Rebuilder and HESO Potato Blend on yield, grade, and quality of Russet Burbank Potatoes. Comprehensive soil analysis was also completed to quantify the effects of the products on the soil microbiome.

The Solution

In partnership with Gaia Consulting and Biome Makers, independent field trials were completed in Lethbridge, Alberta, and Newton, Manitoba. When compared to a standard synthetic program, the Replenish Nutrients product line showed:
  • Production of healthier potatoes free from common defects.
  • Higher marketable yield compared to a standard synthetic fertilizer program at a lower nutrient cost while rebuilding soil health.
  • Improved microbial diversity and variety in the soil over standard synthetic fertilizer.
  • Increasing trend in phytohormone production (in particular gibberellin, auxin, and cytokinin).

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The Results

tuber defects found at significant levels
0 %
Yield increase when compared to a standard synthetic program
$ 0
Estimated savings per acre versus standard synthetic program

Across the trials of Replenish Nutrients' Rebuilder and HESO, we observed positive impacts in phytohormone production, stress adaptation, nutrient solubilization, and disease pressure.

– Ryan Mykita, Head of Growth & New Markets

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