Case Study


The Problem

This agronomic research trial was completed at Replenish Nutrients research plot outside Strathmore, Alberta. The project aimed to validate the phosphorus availability in our Rebuilder (0-17-0-12) formula compared to Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) along with a no phosphorus check. All treatments received a traditional fertilizer program, with the source of phosphorus and sulphur being the variable. The Rebuilder product was also broadcast in one application and side-banded to understand if the application method impacted fertilizer efficiency.

The Solution

The trial was completed on sprinkler-irrigated land in sandy loam soil conditions. Fertilizer was applied to supply 34 lbs per acre of phosphorus along with recommended nitrogen, potassium, and sulphur rates for Canola in Alberta. Harvest data from October 2022 revealed an average yield of 24 bu/acre for the no phosphorus check, followed by 45 bu/acre in the MAP treatment. The Rebuilder treatments resulted in 47 bu/acre when applied by broadcast application and 49 bu/acre when applied by side-band application.

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The Results

bu/acre yield
0 x
more bu/acre than no additional phosphorus
0 %
increased yield over MAP

Results confirmed that Replenish Nutrients products releases phosphorus at the same rate or better than conventional fertilizer without salt.

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