Case Study


The Problem

Kettle Ridge Organics wanted a sustainable product to fulfill their macro and micronutrient requirements within an organic agriculture system.

The family-owned and operated farm needed a dependable/reliable source of fertilizer that is approved for use on organic farms.

The Solution

  • Leveraged the expertise of sales staff to design a fertilizer program tailored to the farmer’s needs.
  • Organized logistics to ensure delivery and application.
  • Supplied phosphate, sulphur, and activated compost to crops to promote plant growth and soil health.

The Results

  • In the first year of using Replenish products, the crop had equivalent yield as compared to the previous fertilizer program.  
  • Post-harvest soil analysis showed an increase in soil health.
  • Created greater on-farm efficiency through application service. 

Hear Their Story

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“Because of the convenience of Replenish Nutrients products being available and the variety that we can utilize, they have everything we need. Right now, we use Replenish Nutrients products almost exclusively.”

– Leah Simeniuk, owner, of Kettle Ridge Organics

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