Case Study

Turfgrass BeCrop Trials with Biome Makers

The Problem

The increasing concern about preserving soil health and the diversity of microorganisms within the realm of turfgrass management presents a significant challenge. This research delves into the potential of the Replenish Nutrients Rebuilder (0-17-0-12) formula to bolster soil biology at Indian Springs Golf Course (MT, USA) compared to the conventional grower fertilizer regimen.

The Solution

In partnership with Biome Makers and The Golf Course at Indian Springs Ranch , independent field trials were completed in Eureka, Montana, USA

Replenish Nutrients completed BeCrop® trials to analyze the product’s benefits on turfgrass in Montana, USA. The Rebuilder formula was applied on two fairways, with the remaining course utilizing a synthetic fertilizer program. Soil samples were taken before application and three times after application. The treatments include 166 lbs/acre of Rebuilder and an equivalent synthetic fertilizer application.

BeCrop® Trials provided insight into the functionality, hormone production, and stress adaption potential of each of the treatments.

When compared to a standard synthetic program, the Rebuilder formula demonstrated the ability to increase:

  • Various microbial communities that support plant health.
  • The microbes that support plant growth regulators (PGR)
  • The microbial communities that improve nutrient cycling, Most notably in key micronutrients Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K), along with Organic Matter release. 


These results are important for turfgrass management customers as they confirm our Rebuilder formula can be a sustainable and effective way to improve soil health, enhance turfgrass resilience, and optimize nutrient usage, ultimately leading to better turf quality and potentially reduced maintenance costs.

Analysis of the data clearly demonstrates that the application of Rebuilder has improved the soil's microbial communities.

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