Why Invest in Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients is traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange “CSE” under the symbol ERTH.CN. 

At Replenish Nutrients, we provide investors an opportunity to enhance their investment portfolio in the growing sector of sustainable agriculture. 

Intellectual Property

  • 5+ years of R&D and independently verified field and lab trial data.
  • Proprietary regenerative fertilizer products and manufacturing process protected by patents and trademarks.
  • Significant barriers to entry for competitors. (capital cost, R&D, patents, trademarks, supply access, established distribution channels)

Growth and Market Dynamics

  • Multi-billion-dollar addressable market in Western Canada alone with exponential growth available in the US and abroad.
  • Numerous lucrative licensing opportunities creating additional margins and cash flows without capital investment.
  • Significant increase in investment in Canadian-based food and fertilizer production stemming from unstable foreign supply chains and geopolitical tensions.
  • Two significant shovel-ready projects (Debolt and Bethune) pending finalization of non-dilutive funding.
  • Comprehensive regenerative fertilizer product offering that is not a niche, limited use, one-off product seen with many ag-bioscience start-ups.

Financial and Operational Strength

  • Experienced and proven management team with significant funds invested.
  • Established and growing marketing and distribution channels.
  • Diligent capital and cost controls.
  • Well capitalized balance sheet providing strong runway to reach positive EBITDA and operating cash flows in the near term.

A Clear Path to Growth

At Replenish Nutrients, we are making bold investments to produce scalable, regenerative soil health solutions. Our sales are limited only by our production capacity which is growing year-over-year, plus we have off-take agreements in place with distribution partners to support expansion.


Our prototype facility in Beiseker is scaling up production to 20,000 MT of product annually.

DeBolt, Alberta Facility

This 50,000 MT granulation facility will utilize local inputs to service the agricultural markets of Northern Alberta (over 10 million acres).


This facility would allow us to produce up to 200,000 MT of product and service the largest agricultural region in the country (over 36 million acres).

Capital Plans

Our capital plans have us growing from 30,000 to 300,000 MT to meet the demand for regenerative fertilizer in Western Canada and the US.

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