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Naturally sourced. Performance enhanced.

Our formulations are derived from natural mineral sources and enhanced with activated compost to create a BioGranule that nourishes the plant by feeding the soil first. As soil health improves, productivity rises, and producers reach for fewer chemical inputs including herbicides and pesticides.

Builder Series

Restore your soil with our builder line of products that rehabilitate years of nutrient depletion from conventional farming.

Super KS

Super KS is a restorative regenerative fertilizer that improves soil biology while rebuilding plant-available sulphur and potassium levels in the soil.


Rebuilder is our regenerative phosphate builder for depleted soils. Bring life back to your soils with phosphate, sulphur, and activated compost.

Maintenance Series

Once your soil conditions are re-balanced (restored PH and soil biology) maintain your soil’s health.


HESO is our leading product in the maintenance series of regenerative fertilizers. It contains the purest, most natural form of phosphate, potassium, and sulphur soil can get, sustainably setting your soil up for long-term yield and with a low salt index.

Key Benefits

Produces an equivalent yield profile with real ecological benefits.

Unlocks existing investment in the soil by activating microbes and enlivening soil biology.

Decreases seed mortality, pesticide, fungicide use improving producer ROI.

Leave behind carbon, not salt – salt kills the soil biology and inhibits plant function.

All Replenish Nutrients products benefit from our unique nutrient delivery system, OA Array

Woman Testing Soil Health

All Replenish Nutrients BioGranules contain our unique compound OA Array.

OA Array creates the perfect soil conditions necessary to feed and fuel the hordes of beneficial fungal and bacteriological material in the soil thereby re-activating your soil.

OA Array builds soil efficiency by supporting the timely conversion of nutrients to plant-available forms without the risk of leaching or volatilization.

Our proprietary formulations combine mineral nutrient sources with organic material, providing the base-load of microorganisms needed to get the soil mineral nutrients to a plant-available form. We also micronize our product ensuring a fine particle size to both support movement of the product to the root zone and boost conversion to plant-available nutrients. Our granulated fertilizer can then be broadcast spread or applied with the seed to allow for further incorporation into the soil and faster conversion.

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