EarthRenew Announces Positive Results for 2021 Product Field Trials

EarthRenew Inc. (CSE: ERTH; OTCQB: VVIVF; Frankfurt: WIMN) (“EarthRenew ” or the “ Company ”), a Canadian fertilizer company supporting regenerative agriculture practices, today published positive results from its previously announced field trial collaboration between the Company’s subsidiary, Replenish Nutrients, Lethbridge College, and Biome Makers. 

Data highlights:

  • Production of healthier potatoes with Rebuilder – low in common defects
  • Rebuilder achieved equivalent marketable yield at a lower program cost compared to a standard synthetic fertilizer program 
  • Improved microbial diversity and variety in the soil over standard synthetic fertilizer, including
  • Increasing trend in phytohormone production (in particular gibberellin, auxin and cytokinin)

Conducted at the Irrigation Research Demo Farm – a popular area for potato production – this field trial focused on specific effects of Replenish Nutrients’ regenerative products, Rebuilder and a potato-specific HESO blend, on potato crops. Lethbridge College measured the product’s results in-field, while BiomeMakers evaluated soil samples to determine the formula’s impact on the soil microbial community structure.

Analysis of the data from the field trial proved that our regenerative fertilizer produced equivalent yield and equivalent marketable yield when compared to a standard synthetic fertilizer program. The Replenish program had a lower total fertilizer program price along with the key benefit of adding organic carbon back to the soilResults also showed the production of healthier potatoes  – they were low (1.1 – 3.5%) in common defects, including scab, hollow heart, brown center, stem end discoloration, growth cracks, or greening. Additionally, the results met the 0.1% glucose threshold for French fry processing and were below 2 mg/g of sucrose, which is essential for potato chip processing.

Trial results showed an increase in microbial diversity and variety of soil organisms with the use of Rebuilder over the control and synthetic treatment. This supports the Company’s belief that our fertilizer improves the soil’s microbiome, creating healthier soil, a more balanced ecosystem, and ultimately, better quality food.

The presence of beneficial organisms from both bacterial and fungal communities were analyzed to identify those associated with the production of hormones and stress sensing and tolerance mechanisms in all samples.  Soil microbiome results showed that our regenerative products increase plant hormone production compared to a synthetic fertilizer program. The HESO Potato formula demonstrated impressive results in the plant’s production of vital hormones including auxin (essential for plant body development) and gibberellins (regulate various developmental processes, including stem elongation and germination). Salicylic acid – which helps with the plant’s response to stress and supports photosynthesis, transpiration, and ion uptake – also increased markedly. Stress adaptation pathways increased with the Rebuilder formula compared to a synthetic program. 

Variability in results in this study suggests additional studies are necessary to make solid conclusions in regard to application rates of Rebuilder in various soil types, crops types, and across locations.

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