Why Choose Replenish Nutrients

A farm is more than a business, it’s a legacy.

Regenerative fertilizers heal the soil while providing valuable nutrients needed to increase crop yield. Healthy, more productive farms can be passed on to the next generation. Our formulations are derived from natural mineral sources and enhanced with activated compost to nourish plants by feeding the soil first. As soil health improves, productivity rises, and growers reach for fewer chemical inputs, including herbicides and pesticides.

When it comes to planning next year’s fertilizer program – whether spring or fall – consider the following benefits of adding Replenish Nutrients products to your farming operation.

Impact on Soil Health

  • Salt: We have a low salt index and leave behind carbon, not salt – salt kills biology and inhibits plant function.
  • Biology: Builds natural defenses against insects and fungus
  • Protein value: Sulfur creates proteins. A higher protein quantity within the crop can create a higher quality of grain and feed value.

Impact on Farm Economics

  • Economics: Unlocks existing investment in the soil by activating 
    microbes and enlivening soil biology.
  • ROI: Decreases seed mortality, pesticide, and fungicide use, improving 
    producer ROI.
  • Yield: Produces an equivalent yield profile with real ecological benefits.
  • Application: Spring or fall application, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Logistics: Canadian manufactured, raw material feedstock secured at 
    attractive terms versus international procurement.

Impact to Environment

  • Carbon capture: Sequestration of CO2
  • No leaching: Reduces runoff and leaching into waterways

Replenish Nutrients’ goal is to build a sustainable future for all by bringing life back to the soil. Our team can help you build a custom, full-spectrum program for your growing needs. Contact a Replenish Nutrients representative today to lock in pricing for spring 2023 application.

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