Replenish Nutrients partners with industry leader to validate the ROI of its regenerative fertilizers

After positive field trials proving its products produce equivalent yield compared to synthetic programs, the regenerative agriculture company has teamed up with Farming Smarter to evaluate the return on investment of its fertilizers.


  • The multi-year field trial evaluates the ROI for Replenish Nutrients products. 
  • The three-year-long project is focused on helping conventional farmers understand the economics of transitioning to more sustainable practices. 
  • Replenish Nutrients has partnered with Farming Smarter – a trusted applied research organization.
  • Replenish Nutrients has received financial and technical support from NRC-IRAP – the primary national agency of the Government of Canada, dedicated to science and technology R&D.

CALGARY, ALBERTA (April 27, 2022) – Replenish Nutrients (“Replenish”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of EarthRenew (CSE:ERTH; OTCQB:VVIVF; Frankfurt:WIMN), is announcing its latest field trial program. Replenish is pursuing a three-year project that will provide soil health improvement indicators and quantify on-farm costs associated with their products. With the new trial data, the company will evaluate the actual return on investment (ROI) of its fertilizers, especially for farmers curious about transitioning to more sustainable practices. The company will receive annual results at the end of each growing season.

“Farmers need more choice, especially with rapidly diminishing agrochemical load and current price pressure on inputs,” noted Neil Weins, Head of R&D for Replenish Nutrients. “We know we can offer a better choice of nutrients along with yield assurance, but farmers need to know their investment in sustainability will pay off, and we need something more to say than ‘trust us, it works’.

In partnership with Farming Smarter, the field trial evaluates the ROI using crop growth, yield, and soil health testing to determine the effect of treatments on soil health indicators. “Farming Smarter commits to unbiased and rigorous scientific research that helps farmers change the way they farm and improve on-farm success. This Replenish project offers us an opportunity to test products that may improve soil health. It allows us to conduct in-depth soil health testing on a small plot scale,” says Trevor Deering, Farming Smarter Custom Research and project lead.

The strategic, multi-year project follows a typical crop rotation system in Southern Alberta of Faba bean, Wheat, and Canola. The split-plot design is set for irrigated locations in Lethbridge, Bow Island, and Brooks. 

Replenish Nutrients is also pleased to announce this project has received a commitment from The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) to provide financial and technical support. NRC-IRAP is Canada’s leading innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized businesses.For more information about Replenish Nutrients, please visit our website at

About Replenish Nutrients

Replenish Nutrients delivers leading regenerative fertilizer solutions to support a farm system that puts healthy soils and grower profitability back on the table. By combining Canadian-sourced nutrients with our proprietary delivery system, we’ve developed a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers that enhances overall soil function and biology  while providing valuable plant-available nutrients farmers rely upon for healthy crops.  To learn more about Replenish Nutrients products, visit our website at

About Farming Smarter

Farming Smarter drives innovation at the farm level through agronomic testing and scientific knowledge. As a trusted source for regional adaptation of profitable and resilient crops, Farming Smarter helps Alberta crop producers make informed choices around inputs, technology, and management practices for their operations. Farming Smarter conducts multiple projects led by top-quality researchers and M.Sc/Ph.D graduate students. Learn more at

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