Replenish Nutrient Trials Shows Positive Impact on Crop Yield

Replenish Nutrients is pleased to announce the publication of field trials showing the effectiveness of its regenerative fertilizer on the world’s third most valuable crop, potatoes.

Along with Lethbridge College and Biome Makers, the field trials were conducted over the 2021 summer growing season at the Irrigation Research Demo Farm in the agricultural area East of Lethbridge, Alberta, a popular area for potato production in the province. During that time, researchers observed significant improvements using Replenish Nutrients fertilizer in both soil and crop health over standard synthetic inputs. Specifically, scientists studied the effects of Replenish Nutrients’ regenerative product, Rebuilder, and a potato-specific blend of HESO.

Highlights of the study include: 

  • Production of healthier potatoes with Rebuilder – low in common defects
  • Rebuilder achieved equivalent marketable yield at a lower program cost compared to a standard synthetic fertilizer program 
  • Improved microbial diversity and variety in the soil over standard synthetic fertilizer, including
  • A growing trend in phytohormone production (in particular gibberellin, auxin, and cytokinin)

Data also showed that after one application, soil, where the Replenish formulas were applied, had a significant increase in microbial diversity and variety of soil organisms over the control and synthetic treatments. 

“I applaud Replenish Nutrients for the ongoing soil microbial analysis work they are performing with us to continue to validate that their products benefit crop and soil health. These results represent the beginning of Replenish’s ongoing effort to offer producers effective, regenerative alternatives to synthetic products” stated Ryan Mykita from Biome Makers.

Increased soil organic content has been proven to affect crop yield by enhancing and sustaining soil quality. Additionally, field trial results support the company’s mission to offer farmers improved ROI through a natural alternative to conventional products. 

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