Regenerative Ag Roundup: Sept 27, 2021

Curating the best in Regenerative Agriculture from the previous week.

The role and availability of potassium in crops and soils

The second-most depleted nutrient by crops, this key macronutrient is often misunderstood and misrepresented.

Potassium is a key macronutrient in all plant and animal nutrition. Its role and availability in crops and soils is frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. In plant tissues, potassium (K) is second only to nitrogen (N) in amount found in plants. It may make up one to three per cent by weight of crop plants, from straw to grain. Bananas, by the way, are no higher in potassium than potatoes or carrots.(Grainews)

‘Perfect storm’ causes fertilizer price spikes

While it doesn’t look like prices will drop in 2021, there may be hope for next year’s harvest.

Fertilizer prices have increased over the past year, but could be headed even higher as a recent confluence of events has caused a shortage — the effects of which may affect producers past the New Year. (Alberta Farmer)

Cargill aims to connect farmers to carbon offset buyers

This projects aims to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices.

Cargill is taking advantage of its position in the supply chain between farmers and consumer food companies to invest in advancing the emerging carbon marketplace associated with regenerative agriculture. Its new program, RegenConnect, builds on Cargill’s plan to advance regenerative agriculture practices on 10 million acres in North America by 2030. (GreenBiz)

Sustainability at the source: How Unilever is addressing deforestation, living wages, and regenerative agriculture

How Unilever inspires climate-friendly agriculture practices and ensures sustainability in sourcing regions.

Unilever has a significant footprint in soy, palm oil and cocoa, amongst other ingredients commonly associated with unethical practices in sourcing regions. The company is committed, however, to addressing sustainability at the source, according to Hanneke Faber, President Foods & Refreshment at Unilever. (Food Navigator)

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