Regenerative Ag Roundup: Sept 20, 2021

Curating the best in Regenerative Agriculture from the previous week.

Controlled-release fertilizer plant coming to St. Thomas

Controlled-release fertilizers improve the uptake of nutrients of crops and could significantly improve yield.

A joint venture between Sollio Agriculture, partners from its retail networks and U.S.-based coating technology company Pursell will build and operate a fertilizer coating plant in St. Thomas, Ont. The plant will be dedicated to the production of advanced controlled-release fertilizers (CRFs). The project represents an investment over $20 million. (Farmtario)

Special nutrient management required in drought years

Nutrient management in drought scenarios.

A followup to his previous article on the history of droughts on the Prairies and the northern US plains, Professor Thom Weir discusses nutrient management in drought scenarios through the lens of 4-R nutrient stewardship; right rate, right place, right time, right source. (Western Producer)

Fertilizer prices climb sky high

 Don’t miss editor Dave Bedard’s video on the four factors driving up fertilizer prices.

A perfect storm of high commodity prices, high feedstock costs, and lower supplies has sent fertilizer prices soaring. (Alberta Farm Express)

Walmart digs into regenerative agriculture

Walmart has a goal to become a regenerative agriculture company.

The retail and grocery giant is getting into the regenerative farming business with new goals around improved sustainability practices and greenhouse gas emissions for its farming suppliers.

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