Regenerative Ag Roundup: Sept 10, 2021

A weekly collection of regenerative and sustainability articles. 

Your fall fertility primer 

Many Prairie farmers choose to apply fertilizers to their fields in the fall to save time in the spring — a strategy Farmers Edge agronomist Thom Weir believes makes good sense for a couple of reasons. Get a head start on next year’s crops with these fertility guidelines, options, and pro tips. (Grainews)

Researchers reveal interaction between agronomic inputs and soil microbiome

The study of soil health is a relatively new science, as farmers gain an appreciation for the great resource that soil is and recognize its fragility. Anecdotal evidence exists that shows by minimizing or eliminating soil disturbance, farmers can improve the health of soil microbiomes. But what about practices carried over from conventional farming, such as the application of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers; do these practices impact soil health? More agronomic scientists are looking at how these practices play into overall soil health. (Dakota Farmer)

Soil health: It’s more than just eliminating tillage

Soil health is not just about eliminating tillage, there’s much more to it, according to a highly respected soil scientist who has studied nutrient and carbon cycling in soil for 32 years. Charles Rice, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, explains why farmers must “have a fertility program and a weed management program.” (La Junta Tribune-Democrat)

Reducing Input Costs with Cover Crops: Part 1

“Yeah, the principle of cover crops makes sense but how much are they going to cost me?”

From farmers using them in rotations to field experts alike, this is one of the most common questions they get asked when discussing the integration of cover crops. And in a business where inputs can quickly get out of hand and cut into thin profit margins, it is understandably so. According to Jerry Hall, Director of Research for GO SEED, this question needs to be flipped on its head with farmers asking, “How much can cover crops save me?” (No-Till Farmer)

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