Regenerative Ag Roundup: Oct 4, 2021

Curating the best in Regenerative Agriculture from the previous week.

rePlant Fuels Food System’s Shift To Regenerative Agriculture With $2 Billion Soil Fund And Support For Farmers

Increasing farmer profitability and environmental outcomes by financing the transition from “agrochemical” practices to regenerative agriculture.

Experiencing the effects of a global issue on a personal level inspired Robyn O’Brien to investigate the reasons behind it — and that research eventually led to a movement to invest billions in regenerative agriculture practices and fuel the transition to a more resilient supply chain and a healthier planet. (Forbes)

Soil Health Practices are Paying Off

Compiling the results of a new study published recently by the Soil Health Institute assessing the economics of cover cropping and reduced tillage. 

What’s the question you are most frequently asked when trying to set up a new sustainability initiative? I bet “how much will it cost?” is a leading contender. It’s no different for farmers — the CEOs of businesses with often slim margins. That’s why the challenge of financing the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices comes up in almost every conversation I have about this topic. Here’s the good news. (GreenBiz)

Cultivating Food Sovereignty Through Regenerative Ocean Farming

Like regenerative agriculture, a regenerative economy is one that promotes cooperation and environmental sustainability rather than extraction. Here’s how the first Native-owned and Native-led land trust is working to empower surrounding indigenous communities.

Just east of the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska sits Prince William Sound: an inlet full of tidewater glaciers spanning 3,800 miles of coastline and flanked by the jagged Chugach Mountains. Home to several species of salmon and other fish, commercial fishing has been the main industry that has sustained its communities for decades. But warming waters caused by climate change has led to fewer fish stocks, making commercial fishing more challenging and less profitable. (Yes Magazine)

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Replenish Nutrients Announces 2024 First Quarter Financial Results and Business Update

Replenish Nutrients Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End Financial Results and Business Update

“Transforming Turf Breakthroughs in Golf Course Health” featuring Replenish Nutrients and BeCrop® technology