Regenerative Ag Roundup: Nov 12

3 common soil compaction mistakes

“With the advent of mechanized agriculture, farms became a great deal more productive than they were in times past. However, the large machines that ply farmers’ fields today can be hard on the soil and cause issues with compaction. Learn how to avoid these mistakes.”(Organic Alberta)

Industry and farm organizations fear fertilizer volume cuts

Notable concerns were raised last month from Fertilizer Canada following the federal government’s emission-reduction targets related to the use of fertilizer. Would a made-in-Canada approach using 4R meet emissions targets and and alleviate farmers’ fears? (Alberta Farm Express)

How PepsiCo is supporting a regenerative transition fo Quaker Oats

As part of Positive Agriculture strategy, “PepsiCo is helping its Quaker Oats farmers in the UK adopt regenerative agriculture practices through a tie-up with global farming organization LEAF”. How is the company transitioning from ambitious to impactful? (Food Navigator)

Covid’s Forgotten Hero: The untold story of the scientist whose breakthrough made the vaccines possible 

We’ve always held a position of not getting too political, but still like to share things that we find interesting. And though you wouldn’t immediately correlate Covid-19 vaccines with agriculture, vaccines are widely used to prevent infections in food animals. And countless administrations urge vaccines for migratory food and agriculture workers. So while it may seem a bit different, it’s still a bit relatable. Especially as we still navigate the world – and options – around us. (Forbes)

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Replenish Nutrients Announces 2024 First Quarter Financial Results and Business Update

Replenish Nutrients Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End Financial Results and Business Update

“Transforming Turf Breakthroughs in Golf Course Health” featuring Replenish Nutrients and BeCrop® technology