Facility upgrades help restore soil health and increase farm ROI

The Beiseker plant adds to the trusted agriculture reputation of the region

  • Replenish Nutrients, has turned its pilot R&D facility into a full-scale granulation facility
  • Upgrades to the Replenish Nutrients’ site allows the regenerative input company to supply the growing demand for natural fertilizer alternatives
  • State–of–the–art updates mean increased manufacturing and logistics will bring new jobs to the area

Equipment updates to the Replenish Nutrients facility in Beiseker have been completed. The facility is now capable of producing over 20,000 MT of high-quality regenerative fertilizer and allows for the space to blend an additional 26,000 MT of blended product. The plant north of Calgary is now the main manufacturing location to service Alberta and British Columbia.

Natural fertilizers are in big demand due to recent scientific studies showing that the overuse of chemical fertilizers depletes the soil of essential nutrients and kills off important bacteria and fungi that create organic matter essential to plants. By focusing on interactions among soil, plants, and water to achieve restorative outcomes, regenerative fertilizers – such as those produced by Replenish Nutrients – increase the resiliency of soil and the profitability of farming operations. The facility enhancements ensure the company can meet this increase.

Kevin Erickson, head of production and manufacturing for Replenish Nutrients, stated, “The commissioning of our upgraded Beiseker facility is the culmination of years’ worth of effort establishing the validity of our product and ensuring our ability to produce a product that is in high demand. We are grateful to the community which has supported our initiative to develop fertilizers that are good for the soil since 2017.

The facility had been operating at a production volume of 1 T per hour during the pilot phase of the company’s growth. Now with the addition of a new dryer and hammer mill, Replenish Nutrients has tripled production. The expanded manufacturing and logistics will also bring new jobs to the area to produce and transport product to customers in the region.

Replenish Nutrients is excited to add to Beiseker’s long-standing reputation in the agriculture sector. Not only have recent field trials proven the company’s regenerative fertilizers provide valuable, sustainable nutrients necessary for healthy crops, but farmers also benefit from improved on-farm ROI and a natural alternative to conventional products. And Beiseker is only the beginning. Replenish Nutrients has big plans in the works – they are working on a 200,000 MT facility they intend to build on the site of the K+S Potash mine in Bethune, Saskatchewan.

We know the demand is in place, customers are hungry for an alternative to conventional that has all the familiar handling characteristics of their synthetic products and we are able to deliver a product that works,” Erickson finished.

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