EarthRenew Submits Expression of Interest to Emissions Reduction Alberta On Behalf of a Larger Consortium of Project Partners


  • EarthRenew is collaborating with Western Ranchlands on a potential $4.8MM ERA project
  • The proposal is focused on implementing CCm’s technology at EarthRenew’s facility in Strathmore and deploying the enhanced fertilizer at Western Ranchlands’ site in central Alberta
  • The proposal frames an opportunity to take manure waste from a feedlot and use it as building blocks for a regenerative agriculture reclamation project

TORONTO, Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EarthRenew Inc. (CSE:ERTH) (“EarthRenew” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has submitted an expression of interest (“EOI”) to Emissions Reduction Alberta (“ERA”) on behalf of a larger consortium of project partners, which includes one of the largest power producers in Alberta, one of the province’s largest fertilizer producers, CCm Technology Ltd (“CCm”), Western Ranchlands Corporation (“Western Ranchlands”) and EarthRenew. The total cost of the project that is the subject of the EOI is estimated to be approximately $4.8 million.

ERA’s call for proposals is focused on agriculture, agri-food, and forestry. Alberta now produces over 40% of Canada’s total cattle inventory, 33% of the country’s wheat, 32% of its canola, and half of its barley1. In 2018, the agriculture and forestry sectors employed over 100,000 Albertans, and the province’s agri-food exports reached a record $11.6 billion1. The call for proposals is seeking innovative solutions for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, abatement, and sequestration across Alberta’s food, farming, and forestry industries. The ERA is particularly interested in funding projects focused on regenerative practices, nature-based solutions, and creating value from agricultural waste. All of these interest areas are addressed in the EarthRenew EOI.

ERA’s call for proposals closed on August 27, 2020. ERA is planning on funding an aggregate of $40 million into projects that it selects for the program. The ERA shortlist will be announced in October 2020 and final funding decisions will be made in March 2021. Participants that are selected for the program by ERA are eligible for up to a 50% reimbursement of project costs. If selected, EarthRenew could receive up to $1 million in funding to support the expansion of its Strathmore facility and implementation of CCm’s technology, which is expected to cost approximately $2.2 million. Additional information about the program can be found here: (ERA – Food, Farming and Forestry Challenge)

1 Emission Reduction Alberta. 2020.

EarthRenew has been working with CCm to incorporate its carbon capture and utilization technology to improve the nutrient profile of EarthRenew’s organic fertilizer. Western Ranchlands, a conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, is looking to use soil amendments as part of its regenerative agricultural practices to develop lower-cost reclamation protocols. As part of the ERA project, EarthRenew proposes building the first commercial CCm unit in North America to enhance organic fertilizer and for Western Ranchlands to demonstrate the benefits of the enhanced fertilizer inputs at a 320-acre pilot site.

We project that implementing the project plan will reduce emissions at our Strathmore facility by capturing waste carbon dioxide from our on-site turbine. The fertilizer produced using CCm’s technology has also proven to sequester carbon, whereas typical fertilizers emit carbon. The demonstration at Western Ranchlands’ pilot site is expected to demonstrate the carbon sequestering benefits from regenerative agricultural practices over and above conventional reclamation projects.

“Initiatives similar to ERA’s program are setting Alberta up to become a leader in innovative and regenerative agricultural processes,” Western Ranchlands’ CEO, Sheldon Atwood, remarked. “By partnering with a company like EarthRenew we can potentially deliver important soil amending material and organic fertilizer where it is needed most, accelerating soil building and restorative reclamation processes,” Mr. Atwood added.

“We are very excited to continue on the path towards commercialization of our products together with EarthRenew,” CCm’s CEO, Pawel Kisielewski, commented. “Programs like this are completely aligned with our company mission in trying to bring innovation and reduce emissions in the agricultural sector.”

“We see this as the next step in increasing the value of our product and operations in Strathmore, Alberta,” said EarthRenew’s CEO, Keith Driver. “This funding initiative is very much aligned with the joint goals of EarthRenew, Western Ranchlands, and CCm. It is encouraging to see Alberta take the lead in trying to bring sustainable agricultural innovation to the spotlight,” Mr. Driver continued.

About Western Ranchlands Corporation

Western Ranchlands is a conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, Canada. They use a combination of science-based strategies, proven management systems and professional expertise to efficiently manage land on a large scale. Western Ranchlands offers a new perspective and a new approach to synergistically combine the operation of livestock businesses, the conservation of open space, and real estate investment.

About CCm Technologies Ltd.

CCm Technologies Ltd., previously CCm Research Ltd., is an award-winning cleantech company, focused on resource optimisation, including Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU). CCm’s technology converts captured carbon dioxide and other waste streams (such as ammonia and phosphate) into stable value-added materials with multiple uses across global priority sectors of food/agriculture, advanced materials & energy storage. CCm is based in Oxford and Swindon, UK, and was established in 2011. CCm is a founding member of the recently formed Sustainable Markets Council, an initiative of HRH the Prince of Wales with the support of the World Economic Forum. The company has also received the coveted Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solutions Label.

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