EarthRenew Announces Production of New Pellet Formulations for Field Trials This Spring


  • EarthRenew has developed and produced five new fertilizer formulations for field trials and market development activities this spring
  • The fertilizer formulations incorporate biochar, provided by BiocharNow, as well as insect frass

TORONTO, May 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EarthRenew Inc. (CSE:ERTH) (“EarthRenew” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has developed and produced five new formulations of fertilizer pellets, incorporating insect frass and biochar.  We intend to test these new formulations in the field trial programs scheduled to take place this spring in collaboration with Olds College and Lethbridge College (see the Company’s press release dated April 29, 2020, which is available under EarthRenew’s SEDAR profile at and 

EarthRenew worked with BiocharNow, LLC (“BiocharNow”) to develop the new pellet formulations. Both companies produce fertilizer inputs that we believe benefit EarthRenew’s binding properties and pelleted format.

EarthRenew produces a heat-treated manure input that has a high organic matter content called “GrowER™”. BiocharNow produces biochar that improves water and nutrient retention in soil. We believe that the combination of these ingredients, in addition to insect frass, creates higher value organic fertilizer products in a simple-to-apply format for precision agriculture. The new pelleted fertilizer formulations can be applied to soil through an air seeder or other traditional farming equipment. 

We anticipate that the results from the field trial tests of these new pelleted products, which contain varying amounts of GrowER™, insect frass, and biochar, will add to the results from our historical studies that indicated yields increased with the use of GrowER™ as compared to conventional fertilizers. The objective of these field trials is to validate historical results on yield and soil health and provide data on these new blends and formulations to support market development activities.

EarthRenew’s chief executive officer, Keith Driver, commented, “We are very pleased with our first run of the new blended fertilizer pellets and we look forward to seeing how they perform in the field. This is a significant step forward as we look to retool the facility in Strathmore and develop a suite of innovative product offerings that we anticipate will contribute to soil and plant health for different types of plants. We believe that collaborating with innovative partners like BiocharNow helps EarthRenew develop unique blends of sustainable organic fertilizer that we anticipate will add value for our customers and benefit the environment.”

BiocharNow’s chief executive officer, James Gaspard, said, “Biochar is a highly adsorbent, specially-produced charcoal produced using the ancient practice of heating wood or other plant material (biomass) with little to no oxygen.  We produce it under specific conditions with the intent being to apply the biochar to soil as a means of increasing soil fertility and agricultural yields and sequestering carbon to reverse global warming.  Compared to other organic soil amendments, biochar is much more effective at retaining nutrients and keeping them available to plants, so we are excited about this opportunity to incorporate biochar into a new EarthRenew product formulation and we look forward to field trial results.   It is a unique chance to offer our product in a new format.”

About BiocharNow

BiocharNow is a Colorado-based biochar production company and a pioneer in the biochar industry with strong engineering, manufacturing, sales, and administrative personnel focused on making and selling quality biochar on a very large scale.

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