Growth Plan

A Healthy Opportunity

We are positioned to grow and meet the demand for regenerative fertilizer solutions that offer high quality, plant-available nutrients while improving long-term soil health.

We plan to expand production by building large scale granulation facilities nearest our nutrient supply partners and to establish regional blending sites near our distribution partners.

Beiseker Pilot Facility

Our prototype facility in Beiseker, Alberta provides demonstration of processing equipment for larger sites, and is scaling up production to 20,000 mt of product annually.

This facility in central Alberta will become our specialty products and custom formulation production hub as well as support R&D on new products and additives.

Beiseker offers a regionally strategic site to access 25 Million acres of farmland in Alberta. Since it sits on the CP rail line, it allows easy access to raw materials and distribution beyond the province.

The upgrades here are foundational for the selection of technology for our larger facilities planned for western Canada.

Northern Alberta Facility

The Debolt, Alberta facility will be the first commercial deployment of our zero-waste manufacturing process. The 50,000 metric tonne granulation facility will utilize local inputs to service the agricultural markets of Northern Alberta.

Our Debolt facility services the large agricultural region in the Peace Country of Northern Alberta, over 10 million acres – this is an area the size of New York State.

The facility is in the Engineering and Development phase.

Bethune, Saskatchewan Facility

This facility would allow us to produce up to 200,000 MT of product and service the largest Agricultural region in the Country (over 36 million acres).

Located on the K+S Potash site, this would be our largest facility yet.